Dica Outrigger Pads

 DICA was founded in 1988 as a family business, with the name “DICA” created from the first two letters of the founder’s names, Dick and Carolyn Koberg. DICA initially represented multiple manufacturing companies, supplying fiberglass utility bodies, aerial buckets, small excavating equipment and electrical inverters to a variety of gas, electric and telecom utilities. All the while pursuing a request received from a fleet manager years earlier:

Can you build me a better outrigger pad?

At that time, there was a growing consensus that outrigger padsshould be the foundation for the safe operation of equipment that required outriggers for stability. However, limited information was available regarding the ideal size, thickness or material for the

safe use of outrigger pads. Additionally, most pads were created from wood materials or cable reel ends, without regard to ground conditions or needs of the equipment.

That being the case, DICA began developing an engineered outrigger pad through research and evaluation of outrigger required equipment and identifying superior materials for outrigger pads. We delivered our first of these pads in 1988 and we’ve been steadily improving our materials and designs ever since. The history of these improvements, has positioned DICA as the industry leader for engineered outrigger pads throughout North America